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Keeping Your Grooming Equipment In Top Condition

Equipment Failure…The Surprise Gift You Don’t Want To Receive This Year

It’s that time of year…with the Holidays looming in the weeks ahead, most of us are already buzzing around, making travel arrangements, getting the house ready for relatives and the big one of course…holiday shopping.  The Holidays also mean that it’s time to get the family pet ready for the celebration.  That’s why as groomers it’s so important that you and your salon are ready to help those pets make a great impression.

When you think of getting your grooming salon ready for the holiday season, what comes to mind?  Perhaps you think of stocking up on supplies like shampoo, conditioner, cologne, ear cleaner, ribbon, bows, and other miscellaneous items. But what about your grooming equipment…is it ready for the busy season?

The last thing you want during a busy Holiday rush is for your equipment to break down when you need it most.  Poor maintenance is one of the biggest reasons for equipment failure.  That’s why we’ve decided to highlight some simple procedures that you can do yourself to ensure your equipment is in top condition and ready for the rush.

Dryers are one of the most frequent pieces of equipment we see in our service and repair shop and one of the last things you need to have trouble with during the Holiday rush.  Here are some simple procedures you can do to keep your dryers working when you need them.

  • Force dryers should have the carbon brushes checked twice a year. Checking these brushes ensures maximum performance and prevents motor damage.

  • Filters should be cleaned daily and/or replaced.

  • Stand and Cage dryers should be cleaned to avoid hair buildup on the heating coils.

Filters are inexpensive and easy to change out on your own while other parts require a professional to repair.  However, don’t let this intimidate you, individual parts (even those that require professional installation) are less expensive than buying a new dryer.  Regular care and maintenance will keep your dryer running more efficiently, drying faster and using less electricity.

Save yourself the time and stress of needing to service or replace your dryer when you can’t afford to.  “Rely on Ryan’s”™ to help you get ready for a successful and profitable Holiday season.  For a more detailed look at the above tips, watch the video below.

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