Clipper Blades: Common Questions

Over the years, we have received a lot of questions regarding clipper blades and sharpening. One such question is “How long does a blade stay sharp?” As Gary points out in this video, how long a blade stays sharp depends a great deal on how well you take care of your blades. Gary walks through some quick and easy maintenance tips to ensure your blades stay sharp.

Another common question is “How many times can a blade be sharpened?” As Gary demonstrates, the answer to this question depends on several factors. Proper maintenance and proper sharpening techniques play an important part in how many times your blades will need to be sharpened.

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  1. cat grooming says:

    I have been using this clipper for my Regular Poodle for about 6 months now – I do
    his feet and encounter at least after a thirty day period – and it is wonderful for all our needs.
    I have in no way taken him to a groomer, and have had show canine pals and pro groomers tell me he looks
    great with just the clipping we do with this clipper.

    All clippers will get very hot – it is just a law of
    physics: two pieces of steel rubbing with each other at substantial speed brings
    about warmth. I have additional blades and a damp fabric nearby when the blade gets hot.
    If you uncover the clipper “drags through the coat” it could be the identical thing that happened to me when I 1st obtained it – the blade wasn’t snapped down into situation accurately and
    it wasn’t clipping at all. For my Poodle, this clipper
    is fantastic, and the price can not be beat!

    I had never ever clipped both dog or human just before, but made a decision to attempt
    undertaking my Standard Schnauzer at house. He is the terror of all neighborhood groomers: they complain that he struggles the entire time, so it is been a
    headache for them and costly for me. Following studying home-use clippers at the Groomers BBS, I made the decision on this Andis clipper established and I am delighted.
    It is so peaceful that my pet all but dismissed it (apart from close to
    his ears) and it cut by way of his extremely shaggy coat like butter.
    This clipper manufactured straightforward a work that I had feared would be disastrous.

    The comb attachments support to mix in the quick and prolonged
    coat locations on the Schnauzer. I adopted the tips of the execs
    and purchased an additional blade so that
    I could rapidly swap them as they grew hot.

  2. Ryan's says:

    If you are having an issue with hot blades, try CoolMagic. It is professionally formulated to reduce friction and keep blades in top working condition longer. Coolmagic dries fast, cooling blades quicker. Coolmagic has fresh pleasant scent and contains no ozone depleting chemicals. Coolmagic will keep all your blades magically lubricated, clean and cool!

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