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Lions, bears and cartoon characters walking around on leashes, barking and wagging their tails, what a sight to see. doggy hair dyeWait, what? What could we possibly be talking about? Creative grooming of course! Creative grooming is grooming that deviates from breed profile grooms, commonly involving artificial coloring and sometimes sculpting cuts (National Association of Professional Creative Groomers). It is creating a unique, sometimes exquisite look. Cats, too, can be groomed. Assuming you have a cat that will tolerate that type of behavior.

Why do people creatively groom their pets? Creative grooming allows expression through color and design. It allows people to take a dog or cat and turn them into living art. Groomers work hard to perfect a creative groom, it takes a lot of time and a creative mind. Designs can be as intricate as creating a theme for a dog, such as Sesame Street or Madagascar or as simple as just adding a little bit of color to the top or the dog’s head, tail, or ears.

What do you need to start creative grooming? Temporary dye made specifically for animals. Human hair dye is not safe for animals. Pet Society Magic Color is formulated with FDA approved cosmetic grade pigments.  This product can be applied with brushes, spray bottles, or free hand. This product is temporary, it washes out between one and several baths. Critter-Color­™ is another wash out color system for pets. The “apply and dry” application makes creative coloring easier and less messy. Critter Color™ is a P.E.T.A. cruelty free product! Another great way to be creative with color is by using Espree® Bark Art Blow Pens. These pens are fun, creative, safe, and non-toxic. Bark Art Blow Pens are used by blowing the ink through the pen tube directly onto the area of the dog you are coloring. These pens are great because they give you use of both hands, it is a great way to add detail to your design. With 12 colors to choose from, as well as stencils to create precise designs, you will be on your way to grooming creatively in no time. If color isn’t what you’re looking for, or your dog is too dark to dye, you can always use GLITTER! You can use pet safe glitter that is already mixed with adhesive, or if you are so inclined there is adhesive spray and dry glitter to sprinkle over where the adhesive was sprayed. Both are great products, it just depends on the skill level or what you are looking to do.

Creative grooming isn’t limited to coloring your dog, you can add feathers or paint your dog’s nail. There is no limit when it comes to grooming creatively.

Feathers Accessories!

Feathers Accessories!

Creative dog grooming is a serious business and, with effort, can make your dog look excellent. It is recommended that any trimming or clipping you do is carried out by professionals unless you are completely confident in your abilities. And remember to always check that any product you use is suitable for dogs otherwise it could cause damage to the skin or coat.

Have fun with it and send us your pictures to post on facebook.

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