February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Dog and cat dental products for professionals and pet owners alike

To help you get ready for National Pet Dental Health Month we sat down and combed through our catalog in search of the best pet dental products.  Then we bundled them up into three different groups.  Then, we shot some videos.  The final result is what we’ve posted here.

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Food/Water Additives and Sprays

These products are designed to be used daily and are either added to the pet’s food or water or are sprayed directly onto the teeth and gums.

Water and food additives are great alternatives for pets that don’t exactly enjoy getting their teeth and gums brushed.  Water additives use enzymes that help break down plaque, tartar, and bacteria, which helps to reduce bad breath.  They often also contain ingredients or flavorings such as mint that improve the smell of the breath.

Dental sprays are designed to both freshen breath and fight bacteria or to work on plaque and tartar.  Some products such as Paw Brothers Dental Spray Complete both freshens breath and fights to reduce plaque and tartar.

Food additives such as EvoraPet use probiotics to balance bacteria in the mouth to freshen breath and help to clean teeth.  It is odorless and tasteless.

Chew Treats and Toys

A dog’s natural chewing action helps to massage gums and to remove plaque and tartar.  Dental chews and treats are designed to promote chewing action and often contain ingredients such as mint or parsley that naturally freshen breath.

Toys that are marketed as dental toys are designed with textures and ridges that get to all the dental surfaces to help remove plaque and tartar and massage gums.  Some are infused with mint flavor or scent to help promote chewing and to freshen breath.

Treat dispensing toys such as the Kong toys can be used with dental treats and pastes to further enhance the dental benefits.

Pastes, Gels, Tooth and Finger Brushes

If you’re a pet professional, Dental Kits are a great way to stock up and merchandise dental products to your customers.  These kits usually include a toothbrush, finger brush and toothpaste.  Finger brushes can sometimes be tricky for the average pet owner and even for some groomers.  Ez Dog finger brushes have a special palm grip that makes it easier to use and prevents the brush from falling off in pet’s mouth and causing a choking risk.

Bulk toothbrushes and finger brushes such as Paw Brothers canisters of 50 are a great economical choice for kennels, grooming shops, and Veterinary offices.

Dental pastes and gels can be used with a finger brush or toothbrush.  Like many human toothpastes they use ingredients such as baking soda and mint to whiten teeth, reduce plaque and tartar and freshen breath.  Some people prefer mint-flavored pastes or gel because of the scent while others prefer poultry or beef flavors because these tend to be more easily tolerated by the pet.

Visit our website and celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month with our complete list of pet dental products.

Pet professionals – Now it’s Your Turn

Got a pet dental tip?  Share your expertise and leave it in the comments.

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