The Ryan’s Report is the new home for the Gary’s Tips video series!

Hosted by Gary Hartwell, Gary’s Tips are educational videos designed to help groomers get the most out of their grooming equipment.

Gary is the Manager of the sharpening and repair center at Ryan’s Pet Supplies.  He has managed our sharpening and repair center since 1991 while he and his wife have owned and operated a grooming shop in Phoenix, Arizona since 1986.  His experience gives him a unique perspective of the pet grooming business and through the Gary’s Tips videos, he is able to pass along some of his experience to you so that you can keep your equipment in the best condition.

You can watch all of the Gary’s Tips videos here on The Ryan’s Report™.

New videos and tips are added to the library with each new Ryan’s Pet Supplies catalog, so stay tuned and keep checking back for more videos!

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More about Sharpening & Repair at Ryan’s Pet Supplies

Ryan’s is an authorized warranty center
Our staff has received factory training at Andis® Co., Double K® Industries, Oster®/Stewart® and WAHL® manufacturing companies. Ryan’s Sharpening and Repair is an authorized warranty repair dealer for Andis®, Double K®, Oster®, KleanKut™, Paw Brothers®, Value Groom®, WAHL® and K9® Electric Cleaner.

At Ryan’s Sharpening and Repair Center, we sharpen and repair thousands of blades, shears, clippers and dryers each year. We are considered by many to be the best in the business. Trust our expert technicians to service all of your equipment and get it back to you quickly. We understand that well-running equipment is imperative to your business success! Lengthen the life of your blades, shears, clippers and dryers by sending them to us for servicing.

* Expert technicians
* Quick turn-around time
* All service – big and small

As sharpening and repair manager for Ryan’s Pet Supplies since 1991, I personally guarantee your satisfaction. And, as a long-standing co-owner of a grooming shop with my wife Janis, I understand the unique needs of the grooming business. If you are not completely satisfied with the sharpening and/or repair of your equipment I want to hear from you. Simply call me at (800)525-7387 ext. 231 or email me at

I personally guarantee your satisfaction!

Gary Hartwell, Sharpening/Repair Manager


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