Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Add Some Holiday Cheer with These Seasonal Add-ons.

Candy, Cinnamon and Nutmeg.
Ahhh, the Sweet Smell of…Your Dog?

Anyone who’s had their pet groomed notices two things right away: how great their pet looks and…how great they smell!

Human emotions and memories are strongly linked to the sense of smell.  This is particularly true during the holidays and colder months when comforting aromas are swirling around everywhere…even on our pets. An important finishing touch in the grooming process, fragrances will remind customers of the positive experience they had at their pet’s salon.

In addition to using fragrance on their canine customers, many groomers sell bottles of colognes for dog owners to use between grooming sessions. Many groomers and salons offer special holiday themed add-ons such as seasonally scented colognes, but the holiday spirit doesn’t stop there.

A professional grooming job isn’t complete until you wrap it up and tie it in a bow – especially during the holidays.  Finishing touches such as printed ribbon and bows make pets and their owners feel special.  Some of the most popular ways to add some holiday cheer to the grooming experience are seasonal colognesdecorative bandanasprinted ribbonfestive bows and even nail polish.  These festive finishing touches come in a wide variety of styles covering your every need for fall and winter holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah.

As the holidays draw near, remember that pets like to celebrate too.  Whether you’re a groomer or just a pet lover, you can quickly and easily add some holiday cheer by including your four-footed companions in the celebration with some festive finishing touches from Ryan’s Pet Supplies.

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