Nail Polish: It’s Not Just For Humans

Nail Polish Popular trends in pet grooming include such indulgences as bows, bandannas and coloring. But why stop there?  Why not add a little character to your pet’s feet as well?  Now you can with nail polish for pets.

Wait…nail polish for pets?!?

That’s right, nail polish for pets and there are many different colors and finishes to choose from like gemstone shimmer, fashion creme and ultra gloss.  You can even add decorative designs with Stripe Art polishes that come with thinner brushes that are perfect for striping and detailing.

You may be asking yourself: “Can’t I just use my human nail polish and put it on my cutesie-wootsie fluffy little friend?”

This of course is a logical question to ask, but not so fast…

Many nail polishes used by people can contain ingredients that are potentially toxic and harmful to your precious little Fluffy.  Therefore, you’ll want to use a nail polish from a trusted source for pet supplies since proper pet nail polish is non-toxic and dries faster than your regular human nail polish.  This way, your pet won’t get sick if they accidentally chip off some of the polish and decide it looks yummy.

The quick-drying aspect of pet nail polish is also important because it’s doubtful that Fluffy will sit still long enough for regular polish to dry.  And although it’s a long shot, we’re guessing little Fluffy-wuffy probably isn’t interested in lightly blowing on her paws either.

Once you’ve picked out your favorite pet nail polish colors (or Fluffy’s), you’re ready to get started. To help guide you, we’ve put together a quick “how-to” for any groomer or pet owner willing to explore this trend.

Simply follow these simple steps to achieve salon quality results…

  1. Start with a clean, dry and relaxed pet.  Application will go much smoother on a relaxed pet than a nervous or excited pet.
  2. Check all toes for any dirt on or around the nail that may end up in your polish or on the brush.
  3. If applying Fancy Finishes Nail Polish to poodles with clean feet, make sure hair around toes is clipped prior to application.
  4. When using lighter colors of Fancy Finishes Nail Polish, add one coat of primer coat to ensure that color on nail is true to color of polish in the bottle.  If no Fancy Finishes Color Lock Primer is on hand, an extra coat of color will help prevent a translucent finish.
  5. Do NOT over apply any product.  It is always best to use multiple thin coats in place of one thick coat.  All Fancy Finishes Nail Polish will dry at different speeds due variations in pigmentation and in thickness of coat applied.  Directing a small fan towards the foot after it dries will help speed up drying times, especially in humid environments.
  6. After application of Fancy Finishes Nail PolishFancy Finishes Color Lock Primer or Fancy Finishes Ultra Gloss Top Coat on one paw, proceed to the next paw.  This will give you the added drying time that produces the desired million-dollar shine.  Repeat this step until desired look is achieved.
  7. For best results and a salon quality finish, apply Fancy Finishes Ultra Gloss Top Coat to finish off all nail colors.
  8. All polish is made to have a quick drying time, however, due to varying temperatures and humidity, drying time will vary.  To speed up drying time, apply a thin coat of Fancy Finishes Quick Dry Finish Coat between coats and upon completion of the Fancy Finishes Ultra Gloss Top Coat.
  9. Fancy Finishes Nail Polish should be stored in an air-cooled and dark environment to maintain longevity and finishing quality.
  10.  In the event that you accidentally get polish on the pet, soak a cotton ball in thinner and gently rub in and away.  Repeat as needed.
  11. Sit back and listen to the compliments!

What about you?  Do you have any other tips to share with fellow groomers or pet owners looking for a little something extra to help give Fluffy some added style?  Let us know in the comments.

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