Top Ten Grooming Tools

Grooming Tools

What are your top ten tools?

Every groomer has their “cannot live without” tool that they must have on-hand while working.

Depending on type of dog or grooming business those tools can and will change.  After polling Facebook fans here is what we found.

  1. Thinning Shears: This shear is used to blend, buffer, soften, and erase lines.

  2. Shears, curved or straight.

  3. The Stuff!The stuff conditions and protects coat, repels dirt, dust and urine, tangle remover and prevention. It is hypo-allergenic, pH controlled/Acid balanced and for all breeds.

  4. A good clipper; Andis, Oster, or Wahl.

  5. #40 Blade

  6. A good trimmer

  7. CoolMagic to keep blades clean, cool and lubricated.

  8. Slicker

  9. A good Comb.

  10. A great book to help you with your business. “Notes from the Grooming Table” by Melissa Verplank CMG is a great one.

The best asset or tool a groomer can have is patience. Patience with the customers and the pets.

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