What to expect when you are expecting…a puppy!

Whether you’re a consumer or a business owner, puppy season is around the corner.  Is your business prepared to make the most out of the upcoming puppy season?  Whether you have a grooming shop, retail pet shop or a combination of pet services and retail, the following simple suggestions could help increase your business’s sales while focusing on families getting puppies.

  • Puppy oriented displays
  • New Puppy kits:  they could include teething toys, bowls, collars, leashes, and training pads.Items you need for your puppy
  • Make an informational flier using the information below.  Create a puppy checklist for your customers. Groomers could include information on how to get puppies accustomed to being brushed and what is a good age for the first professional groom.

A new puppy is a lot of work that requires a lot of planning to get ready.  Not all puppies have the same attitude, some are more curious than others and some are frightened by their new families and surroundings.  Regardless of your puppy’s attitude they still want to explore everything and anything. When bringing a new puppy home, make sure that your house is puppy proof.  To accomplish this, try restricting the areas where your puppy can roam, at least until they are potty trained.  A room without carpet and that can be gated is perfect, such as a kitchen area.  There are many great gates and crates available to keep the new puppy and your stuff safe.   Using training pads and training sprays will cut down on the training time as well as keep the mess to a minimum. Crate training is another great way to potty train. All MidWest crates come with a free crate training pamphlet or DVD. This video is also on our website.   Even with the best training accidents will happen, make sure to stock up on odor removing products.  Besides a lot of attention, love and patience, a new puppy will need a few more things.

  • Food dish – What kind do you want? A feeder, a slow-feed bowl, an automatic feeder, raised feeder
  • Water bowl – Fountain, waterers, or raised
  • Collar – What type of collar or harness is best for your growing puppy
  • Leash – What kind of leash do you prefer; retractable, nylon, double handle, leather, chain lead
  • ID Tag – In case your puppy gets out of your site or home. The ID tag will help get the puppy back to its rightful owner.
  • Bed – You will want to get a bed so the puppy has a place to sleep and call his own
  • Flea and Tick – As the puppy explores the new yard, it is a possibility that it may pick up some unwelcome bugs. Be prepared for flea and tick season.
  • Grooming Supplies– brush , comb, shampoo, nail clipper, bath wipes
  • Treats – Treats that are specifically for puppies are best to give your new puppy.  They are specially formulated to be gentle on the puppy’s delicate digestive system.
  • Toys – Finally, the best way to keep your puppy from chewing on your stuff is to get them their own stuff to chew on.  Puppies are teething and need toys that are designed for teething.  Toys that are geared towards puppies help discourage unwanted chewing.  Again, if the puppy doesn’t have its own stuff to chew on, your stuff becomes “fair game” in their eyes.  Nylabone and Kong both have chews that are geared towards puppies and their baby teeth. Puppies still need a few stuffed animals to chew on and cuddle with as well.
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