Why You Should Be Selling Pet Beds

Dog BedsThe phrase “Dog Beds” is a popular search term.  Did you know that (as of April, 2012) there are approximately 246,000 web searches per month for the term “dog beds” in Google?

To put that into perspective…there are roughly 240,000 people living in any one of these cities…

– Orlando, FL
– Chandler, AZ
– Chula Vista, CA

And that’s just for that one phrase!!  There are literally TONS of other ways to search for dog beds on the Internet, each with monthly search volumes in the hundreds or thousands!!

That means dog beds are BIG business and if you’re a groomer/retailer/pet professional, beds are easy items to sell in your business.  In fact, dog beds are perhaps one of the most popular items for dog owners and are one of the essentials in our list of the Top 10 products for new dog owners.

Think about this…

When you’re tired and worn out from a long day…

When you’re not feeling so good and just want to lie down…

…How nice is it to be able to come home and flop down on a comfy, cozy bed and just drift soundly away to dreamland for a quick nap?!?

That’s why you probably put in a decent amount of effort into purchasing the bed you sleep on every night…didn’t you?

Of course you did!!  When shopping for a bed we tend to mull over everything from the price, online customer reviews, the firmness ratings, consumer reports articles and many of us will even visit the local furniture store to lay down and test a few out.

Well…that’s exactly what today’s savvy pet owners are doing when shopping for their precious little Fido and that’s why they are turning to the Internet to help them.  Selection (and of course price) is critical when someone is shopping for a dog bed.  And just like people, pets have many options for you to choose from.

That’s why as a professional in the pet industry, you’ve got to offer your customers a selection of options to choose from.  Pet beds are ideal items to stock in your store because they come with many different options for thickness, texture, and size.  Some are even made specifically as outdoor pet beds.

But how do you compete with the big box megastores and their gigantic selections???

Well…for starters, working with a wholesale distributor like Ryan’s allows you to offer a large selection of pet beds for your customers to choose from.  As an added bonus, many of the beds at Ryan’s have quantity discounts that allow you to save above and beyond the base wholesale price for each item.  You can save even more by taking advantage of Mix & Match offers that are available on some of the beds at Ryan’s.  Mix & Match offers allow you to buy assorted items from participating groups in order to qualify for quantity discounts.

You see…for a pet owner, buying a bed for his or her dog isn’t just a simple decision of grabbing whatever is convenient.  They want what they think looks nice, tasteful and what matches the rest of Fido’s decor that they’ve already arranged.  They’re also going to search for what looks cozy and comfy and what they think Fido might prefer to sleep on all night…and all morning…and all afternoon.

The good news is that Ryan’s has recently added quite a few new beds to our already giant selection of pet beds and other supplies to help you expand your offering.

See for yourself -here-

But don’t stop at beds…blankets and pillows are also appreciated…just ask Fido.

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